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  • Imagine Talent Without Borders
  • The war for talent with digital skills is on. How do you decide what talent to source? Where to source that talent? Who to source it from? How to manage it?

    Globalization expert, advisor and author, Atul Vashistha, Neo Group CEO, knows the business objectives and challenges common to Chief Digital Officers and digital leaders across the industries, and shares his experience and advice on how Global Talent can be leveraged to meet these objectives and address these challenges.

    Learn how to unleash creativity and speed up innovation by tapping into global talent.

  • Realizing Greater Value from Global Resourcing
  • The identification and management of third party risk is a top priority for today's senior executives. How companies manage third party risk is under increasing regulatory scrutiny, receiving greater emphasis by standards organizations, and rapidly becoming the central focus of risk executives across the globe.

    This presentation explores good governance practices and the importance of effective vendor management. It reviews the critical components of an effective Vendor Scorecard to enable a transparent assessment and comparison of vendor performance, including the incorporation of metrics that measure leading indicators, key performance indicators, processes and learning, market data and industry trends.

    Discover how a proactive governance model can reduce risk and enable improved performance.

  • Leveraging Supply Intelligence
  • Real-time risk monitoring is critical to ensuring supply chain stability as well as overall success of a global organization. This presentation explores the key components of an effective risk monitoring program, including how to leverage intelligence on locations and suppliers to achieve business objectives and address business challenges. Additionally, we introduce Global Supply Risk Monitor, a cloud-based risk monitoring service provided by Neo Group, and demonstrate how it can be leveraged to effectively analyze, manage and monitor supplier and location risks in a global supply network.

  • Trust - Powering Networks & Collaboration
  • Trust. It's an essential ingredient in all successful relationships, especially in business. It's what enables co-creation with your clients. It's what gets you that key referral. It's what makes or breaks a reputation. But trust is rarely given, it must be earned. This presentation shares key insights on the building blocks of trust and how to put them in action in your business interactions.

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